I’m going to make this short because it’s 2:00 in the morning and I’m exhausted, but I wanted to share tonight’s project with you. I wrote a simple utility to “correct” the orientation of photos taken with iOS cameras. iOS handles camera orientation using EXIF data attached to the file. While this is a core part of how iOS works, other systems aren’t always set up to work with it, which can result in erroneously-rotated photos in places like this blog.

That was a frustration with yesterday’s article on the drunk man. Trying to get that picture oriented the right way required an upload to my Raspberry Pi and the ImageMagick convert utility.

Even though this is a widely known issue, there are (strangely) no utilities on the App Store to address this. I wanted an easier solution, so I rolled my own.

A little PHP script that takes a file upload, passes it to convert, deletes the original, and serves the new one to the client in the original format with a little bit of quality loss. iOS photos are uploaded in JPEG format, so this script outputs JPEG by default. An override is provided which will serve a TIFF instead, which should mean a somewhat better quality file.

I went ahead and put together a Github project with a little bit of documentation if anyone wants to poke around with it. I’ve got mine hosted on SDF. Any web server with PHP and ImageMagick should work fine.

scrow/iosrotate: iOS Image Rotation Utility