My relationship with Wordpress sure didn’t last long.

I really wanted to get back into regularly posting various content in blog form, and I knew finding the right software package would be a challenge. I really, really like Squarespace but am trying to avoid going with a commercial service. I ran with Wordpress. I’ve got a little bit of experience working with it on the RATS web site, so I know it’s not too cumbersome. However, performance of both the web platform and the companion iOS app left a lot to be desired, and this morning, after less than a week, I threw in the towel on Wordpress.

I remembered playing around with Jekyll back in its early days and I was intrigued by the idea of generating static web pages, using templates, from Markdown files. We have an older version of Jekyll (v3.1.1 installed, current is v3.8.3) here on SDF and it works just fine.

One of the things I’m most excited about: this addresses my desire to be able to compose posts offline. As I’ll be diving into during future posts, I try to maintain an environment where I can work and access reasonably-recent versions of my most important files from my Raspberry Pi or iPad without Internet access or any local network infrastructure. I was really hoping to be able to accomplish this with the Wordpress iOS app. Turns out it has a glitch where it loses paragraph breaks, so posts come out as one big paragraph. There are bug reports going back to 2015 and it’s still not fixed. Seems that’s some pretty critical functionality…

Anyway, with Jekyll I can make my posts on my iPad or really anywhere I can get access to a text editor, and then beam them up to SDF at any time. When Jekyll runs, it’ll pick up the content and incorporate it into my site. Currently, Jekyll is regenerating this site several times daily.

Now I just need to figure out what to do about images. The posts that were imported from Wordpress look fine, but I don’t have a good way to do images with captions that look decent using Markdown by itself, so I need to find a good CSS-based approach.

Any thoughts? Send me an e-mail with your suggestions.