I did it!  I pulled the plug on Facebook.  It’s time for something new.

Facebook was interesting.  I made many connections with people all over the world.  I stayed in contact or got reunited with old high school friends.  Some of my more valuable connections were those made through RARA, an LGBT ham radio club I joined a number of years ago.  In another group, I found friends who shared the same quirky obsession with retail history, dead malls, and old grocery stores.  I shared little tidbits of my life.  Interests, friends, family, relationships, jobs all came and went in the last decade, and it’s all documented somewhere in Facebook’s logs.

Recently though, I realized Facebook was no longer rewarding.  The quality of the content was going down and I found myself missing the long-form, narrative approach of the good old fashioned blog post.  This is the kind of thing I can put thought into over a period of hours or days, and it’s a much better place to document my projects.  I haven’t operated a personal web site for a few years and the Facebook format didn’t lend itself well to sharing stories about how to build this weekend’s cool Raspberry Pi thingamajig.

In the last few years, politics have been such a big part of the mainstream social media experience.  It got exhausting.  And when family members started attacking me for the things I would write or share, that pushed me over the edge.

That’s when I knew I’d had enough.  Time for a change.

I’m looking forward to doing this for a while.  I don’t promise posts on any regular interval, but I do promise to read your replies at some point.  I also promise that this is probably the last time we’ll talk politics here unless something really crazy happens.  And finally, I promise I’ll continue to share my popular restaurant reviews, featuring Steve’s Five-and-a-Quarter-Flush Scale of Mexican Food Quality.  Check back often.  You know you don’t want to miss those.

I’m running with the cheesy, basic WordPress theme and I haven’t picked out a name for this thing yet.  I’ll be fixing up the place over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, y’all keep in touch.  I finally updated my simple web site to reflect accurate contact information.

It’s now 3:35 in the morning.  Graham and I are planning to head west to the mountains in a few hours.  We’re fortunate to both have the holiday off, and I’m excited to spend the day with him.  Goodnight!