• Migrating off SDF

    For various reasons I don’t care to go into here, I’ve been working on migrating off the SDF Public Access Unix System over the past several weeks, which explains a lot of the silence here. I’ve been busy getting e-mail and web services moved over and stabilized, which is a process that actually started about halfway through my vacation to Cape Cod in mid July. (This, along with varying other demands of life have resulted in over a month without any posts. Sorry about that! I think I’m back now.)

  • Target is crazy

    Pricing oddities and other weirdness has long been the name of the game at Target. They’re somewhat famous for charging more for items that are “on sale” or charging a higher unit price for larger packages. Their habit of doing weird things like refrigerating bags of Doritos, displaying confusing signs, offering up bizarre substitutions for out-of-stock items, and raising prices to try to get rid of things are all well-documented over at Consumerist, the former Internet publication operated by Consumer Reports. If you shop at Target and have been paying attention, you no doubt see examples of this craziness almost every visit to the store. Target math is all over the place (no, really), and now that they’re trying to take on Amazon with their new Target Restock offering, the insanity has spilled over to the web.

  • So much lobster!

    Today is our fourth day in Cape Cod and I’m finally starting to feel like leaving the house and going out to do things. Yay things! Just before we left Richmond, I got an e-mail from my boss with the amount of my annual bonus check. I told him I was going to spend it all on lobster. I’ve actually had surprisingly little when you consider this area has figured out a way to incorporate lobster into damn near everything, including ice cream.

  • Cape Cod vacation

    Good afternoon from beautiful Woods Hole, Massachusetts! Graham and I are on our annual vacation to his grandparents’ old house up here in Cape Cod. We arrived around 6:30 Sunday morning after driving through the night from Virginia. The trip up was rough and Sunday was weird all around with trying to catch up on sleep and still make it not feel like a wasted day. After a full night’s sleep, I think we’re getting back to normal. I still haven’t had any lobster, though. 🦂

  • iOS image rotation project

    I’m going to make this short because it’s 2:00 in the morning and I’m exhausted, but I wanted to share tonight’s project with you. I wrote a simple utility to “correct” the orientation of photos taken with iOS cameras. iOS handles camera orientation using EXIF data attached to the file. While this is a core part of how iOS works, other systems aren’t always set up to work with it, which can result in erroneously-rotated photos in places like this blog.

  • Gifts from a drunk man

    Graham and I took what we’re calling a “pre-vacation” out to Charlottesville over the weekend. I was working on a blog post about it before we left the hotel Sunday morning, but the Wordpress app kept losing my paragraph breaks, which lead me to make the jump over to Jekyll. Anyway, that post is on hold at the moment, but I wanted to share with you a thing that happened when we got home.

  • Offline blogging with Jekyll and Git

    I believe I’ve just about nailed down my perfect blogging setup using Jekyll, Git, and Working Copy. I’ve got darn near everything I wanted out of WordPress and its defective iOS app, and then some. I’ll briefly describe my setup.

  • Switched to Jekyll

    My relationship with Wordpress sure didn’t last long.

  • Feeling fancy: Whole Foods delivery

    Richmond’s grocery delivery options recently grew once more with the addition of Whole Foods delivery.  This is on top of Kroger Clicklist Delivery, Instacart, Shipt, Target Restock, and Amazon Prime Now.

  • Running Dropbox and other x86/Win32 apps on a Raspberry Pi

    If you're a Raspberry Pi enthusiast like me, Exagear Desktop will probably add a lot of functionality to your device at a reasonable cost. Learn how I use it to run x86 applications such as Dropbox on my RPi Model 3B+.
  • The Five-Flush Scale Explained

    My Five-Flush Scale of Mexican Food Quality was created in 2012 and has been used to rate numerous fancy and non-fancy restaurants. Learn more about the rating system and see past ratings.
  • Mom's Birthday at The Secret Sandwich Society

    Graham and I took my mom out to lunch at the Secret Sandwich Society and Stoplight Gelato Cafe in Richmond for her birthday over the weekend. Both were awesome!
  • Bye, Facebook!

    I did it! I pulled the plug on Facebook. When family members started attacking me for the things I would write or share, that pushed me over the edge. It's time for something new.

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